Steps To Equipping Your Outsource Provider With The Right Tools

Steps To Equipping Your Outsource Provider With The Right Tools

As soon as a new outsource provider, the use of Basecamp is introduced to him right away. This is the team’s daily means of communication. Before we found out the benefits of Basecamp, we have been using Gmail to send all our emails back and forth. The problem we encountered here is that we needed to have a project manager who will be able to keep track of everything.

Any new member of our SEO company or someone who needs to help out an assistant while another assistant is away, he or she would need to know the updates of the tasks. Here we use Basecamp to check on the updates and the details of each assistant’s work and daily communication.

For those of you who don’t know Basecamp, do a little bit of research but there are whole lot of different ways that you can use it. We’ve tried doing things where we set up individual tasks and individual processes that are related with SEO services. Under this area, it used to be based on tasks so article writing used to get their own section and then everything to do with article writing went under that section, so that way more assistants were working on that.

But this system that we have created did not work positively in all areas. What we found to be working best is to have a thread for each outsource provider. In this, each of the assistants gets their own thread.

Before all my assistants go to work, they all have start of day calls which is done daily. My project manager does all the chatting with each of the assistants. All the things that they talk about within the call will be documented in the Basecamp. So he has a start of day call where he chats with them to get them up to speed and then those bullet points are logged in. This is the way I keep track of what has been discussed between the assistants and the project manager. From the supervisor it goes to the person then supervisor again and person again and then to the assistant.

To get on top of every assistant’s daily task or SEO training, we use an end of day emails which is another good mean of avoiding one of the cons of outsourcing – miscommunication. Here, everything an assistant accomplishes with in the day and the things she needs to work on are recorded. We just use Basecamp as a centralized place for communication with each assistant, so that a supervisor can jump in and see exactly where the process is up to.

Let us see what an end of day email exactly contains. Primarily, it shows what an assistant have worked on for the day along with the exact time they have been accomplished. They’ll bullet point what it is that they’ve worked on and then the amount of time it took them. I use this to know the time each outsource provider spends in doing a task. We have an expected time of how long exactly each task should be accomplished in an average among all the different assistants.

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