Car insurance

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What’s Car Insurance?

Car insurance, or motor insurance, is a product that protects you from losing money on repairs if you damage your car or someone else’s car or property. There are different kinds of car insurance policies available like third-party car insurance, comprehensive car insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, etc. In India, every car owner is required to have at least a third-party car insurance. However, taking a comprehensive car insurance for your four-wheeler will cover you in multiple instances making it a more attractive proposi​​tion.

Another sought-after advantage of a trusted car insurance plan is the coverage it offers for your car damages arising out of accidents and thefts.Assuring your vehicle requires you to pay fixed- cost decorations, depending upon the plan decided for.

Motor insurance is vital, especially if you’re a frequent motorist. No matter hows careful you strive to be on the road, the chances of accidents noway fades down.

Private Car Insurance insure peace of mind by copping a comprehensive Private Car Insurance policy to pay for repairs to your vehicle and third party arrears. Make sure that precious repairs to your vehicle don’t dent your fund. Axis Bank has partnered with Tata AIG General InsuranceCo. to offer Private Car insurance that covers your vehicle from partial or total loss on account of accident, fire or other special threats. Other benefits include content for third party property damage and fleshly injury while keeping the Car’s salvage value complete. Now you can buy motor insurance policy incontinently online in a fully paperless process. Customise the policy to suit your requirements and budget by opting suitable add- ons. All this in a many clicks.

Two factors determine what you pay for bus insurance. The first factor is financing, where insurance companies assess the threat associated with an aspirant. The alternate factor is standing; the standing assigns a price grounded on what the insurer believes it’ll bring to assume the fiscal responsibility for the aspirant’s implicit claim. Who can apply?

Car insurance is to give cover for your vehicle if it’s used for private ornon-excluded purposes. You must be at least 15 times of age( unless by exception), or the policy can cover vehicles possessed by a company, and have an Australian address where the Car is naturally situated overnight. All programs are subject to financing criteria.

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